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Real Estate Coach Radio - The 5-Minute Daily Internet Show for Real Estate Professionals
Real Estae  Coach Radio - The 5-Minute Daily
		  Internet Show for Real Estate Agents

The 5-Minute Daily Internet Show for Real Estate Professionals

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08/17/2015 | Download
Tim Burrell — How to Win Multiple Offers on Terms, Not Price, 5 Powerful Secrets for Closing More Deals and Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Dollars
08/10/2015 | Download
Nikki Fulks - How to Target Market to the “Heroes” in Your Community, Learn What Consumers Really Want From Their Real Estate Agent and Warning: Be Careful What You Sign!
08/03/2015 | Download
Verl Workman — Keep Time Thieves from Ruining Your Business, Overcome Some of the Toughest Objections in the Real Estate Industry and How the 10% Rule Applies to Your Marketing
07/27/2015 | Download
Tim Burrell — Don’t Accept a Multiple Offer Based Exclusively on Price, Are You Being Distracted by Diversions When You Thought You Were Actually Taking a Break? and Build Your Business on the Best
07/20/2015 | Download
Sherry McCormack - How to Get the Most from Using LinkedIn, Break Through the Barriers to Success and A Simple Circle Prospecting Tip that Really Works
07/13/2015 | Download
Zach Schabot — Insights into the Millennial Mindset, How to Prospect Out of Area Homeowners and Investors and Five Reasons to Love Google Voice (part 1)
07/06/2015 | Download
Steve Cook — Second Quarter 2015—Way Better than Predicted, How to Dominate Your Market with Guerrilla Marketing (part 1) and Ten Touch Objections - Ten Powerful ResponsesA Powerful Way to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Marketing Materials
06/29/2015 | Download
Guest Mentor - Denise Lones - There’s No Such Thing as One-Size-Fits-All Marketing, How to Cope When You’re Feeling Completely Overwhelmed and Ten Touch Objections - Ten Powerful Responses Continued

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