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Real Estate Coach Radio - The 5-Minute Daily Internet Show for Real Estate Professionals
Real Estae  Coach Radio - The 5-Minute Daily
		  Internet Show for Real Estate Agents

The 5-Minute Daily Internet Show for Real Estate Professionals

Join Bernice Ross and the most talented experts in the real estate industry each day


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01/12/2015 | Download
Guest Mentor - Steve Cook - What Was Great Economically about 2014?, Five Guaranteed Ways to Easily Connect with Clients and Three Things You SHould Never Do By Email
01/05/2015 | Download
Guest Mentor - Tim Ventura - Get Better Google Placement with Google Places, Make Your New Year’s Resolutions and Goals Happen and What’s Ahead in 2015
12/29/2014 | Download
Guest Mentor - Seth Price - Easy Content Marketing that Gets Real Results, Improve Your Brain, Improve Your Business and The Cost of One Waster Hour Per Day to Your Business
12/22/2014 | Download
Guest Mentor - Jovan Hackley - Be the Ice Cream in Their Inbox, Regain Control of Your Phone and Your Privacy and How to Create Your Own Success
12/15/2014 | Download
Guest Mentor - Rob Morelli - Create Your Personal List of Trusted Home Resource Providers, Treat Your Time as Money and Why It's Smart to Keep Your Advice to Yourself
12/01/2014 | Download
Guest Mentor - Imraan Ali - Why Build a Geographical Farm Now, Secrets of Sensory Staging and Simple Way to Find FSBO Leads
11/24/2014 | Download
Guest Mentor - Linda McLean -- To Create Abundance Answer the Question: Why Do I Want More?, Ten Tips for Having a Great Holiday Season and An Innovative Approach to Circle Prospecting
11/17/2014 | Download
Guest Mentor - Patti Kouri: Are You on Track to Profitability, “How to cope with toxic agents and toxic clients” and The Importance of Maintaining High Standards

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