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Real Estate Coach Radio - The 5-Minute Daily Internet Show for Real Estate Professionals
Real Estae  Coach Radio - The 5-Minute Daily
		  Internet Show for Real Estate Agents

The 5-Minute Daily Internet Show for Real Estate Professionals

Join Bernice Ross and the most talented experts in the real estate industry each day


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11/10/2014 | Download
Guest Mentor - Kurt Carlton: What Are Hard Money Loans and How Do They Work?, Powerful Strategies to Attract and Better Serve Your Clients and Why It's Important Not to Confuse Your Future Goals with Your Real Life
11/03/2014 | Download
Guest Mentor - Tyler McKenzie -- We've Been Listed 2 Weeks and Haven't Sold--Help!, Avoid 5 Deadly Social Media Traps and A Commission Defense Script that Will Make You Laugh
10/27/2014 | Download
Guest Mentor - Rick Sharga - Reposition Your Business for 2015, Make Your 4th Quarter Your Most Profitable Time of the Year and Why It's Smart to Give Your Sellers a Homework Assignment
10/20/2014 | Download
Guest Mentor - Tricia Andreassen -- Clarity: The Must-Have Essential for Effective Communication, Why It's Important to Become the Go-to Price Expert in Your Market Area and A Fascinating Way to Overcome Frustration
10/13/2014 | Download
Guest Mentor - Zach Schabot -- Centralized Showing Systems and How They Work, Dominate Your Market and How to Break the Interruption Habit
10/06/2014 | Download
Guest Mentor - Steve Cook - Disappointing Third Quarter Numbers-Brisk Fall Selling Season?, Cut Out Commission Cutters and Take More Listings with a Referral Services List
10/03/2014 | Download
Guest Mentor - Byron Van Arsdale: Expect More of Others than They Expect of Themselves, Final Unconventional Tip on How to do More Business and Why Top Producers Live by the Motto, Never Give Up
10/02/2014 | Download
Guest Mentor - Byron Van Arsdale: Set Strong Boundaries, Learn From Businesses Outside of Real Estate and Market in Other Languages Effortlesslyigher Standards Supports You to do More Business

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